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Adventure Tourism Management


Adventure Tourism Management

Adventure Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry. It involves physical participation in activities with various degrees of risk, both real and perceived, in unusual, exotic, and wilderness destinations, exploring both external and internal challenges. The development of the adventure travel industry is paralleled by a growing need for capable adventure tourism managers. Local, national, and international governments, businesses, organizations, and communities require tourism experts to help develop, direct, and promote adventure experiences.


The Adventure Tourism Management Minor is a perfect match for a variety of majors from Archeology, Physical Education and Biology to Criminal Justice, Photography and Business. Students must complete a total of 21 credits as outlined below:

  • Twelve credits of required foundation courses
  • Two credits in Fitness, Skill and Activity (FIT) courses
  • A minimum of seven credits of additional electives

Students are encouraged to consider including at least one field experience course in their program.

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