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Master of Education (M.Ed.)

The major function of the graduate program is to create opportunities for professional renewal and development for educators. Graduate programs in education are designed to increase a student's understanding of the learning process and repertoire of methods and skills. The areas of study reflect the importance of increased breadth and depth of understanding of theoretical constructs and existing problems in education.

Program Overview

Grand Valley State University's College of Education offers the master's degree in seven major areas:

  • Educational Technology
  • Higher Education
  • Instruction and Curriculum
  • Educational Leadership
  • Literacy Studies
  • School Counseling
  • Special Education


All Master of Education (M.Ed.) programs require a minimum of 33 semester hours. Some programs require additional hours to meet state standards and/or national accreditation.

Career Options

  • P-12 teaching
  • School administration
  • School counseling
  • Special education supervisor
  • College level professional and administrative positions

Aside from the M.Ed. degree, other education programs are available. Visit for details.

Application Deadline

Deadline for fall semester is May 15; winter deadline is September 15; spring/summer deadline is February 15. Early application is strongly encouraged, those received after the deadline will be considered for the next cycle. The $30 application fee is waived for undergraduate alumni of Grand Valley. Please visit

Why Study Education at Grand Valley?

  • The program is accredited by the National Council Accreditation for Teacher Education (NCATE).
  • Education programs are approved by the Michigan Department of Education.
  • Faculty are experts in their field of study.
  • Students acquire strong field-based experiences in diverse settings.
  • The College of Education's faculty and staff value expertise to guide their practice, equity to guide their interactions, liberal education to guide their perspectives, and social responsibility to guide their commitment to democratic education. The College of Education values these ideals in preparation of candidates, development of faculty, and relationships with the larger community they serve.

For More Information

College of Education


“As a high school principal, I have greatly appreciated the practical nature of the classes in educational leadership. There is no greater resource to current and future administrators than to learn what works in the field. GVSU has given me a wealth of tools to utilize right now.”


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