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Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (B.A., B.S.)


Studies in photography at Grand Valley State University encompass the history, critical and aesthetic theory, and varied practice of photography as a medium of visual communication and expression in culture and society.

Program Overview

The photography program offers high-quality, student-centered, production and theory courses aimed at developing liberally educated professionals able to thoughtfully adapt and thrive in a variety of professional and creative environments. Students can select a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program of study. A minor is also available.


Coursework includes the following:

  • Black and white photography
  • Color photography
  • Digital photography
  • Studio photography
  • Documentary photography
  • Photojournalism
  • History, theory, and criticism
  • Digital media production

Career Options

The B.A. and B.S. degrees prepare students to:

  • Apply their expertise in museums and galleries.
  • Work creatively in commercial advertising and portrait studios.
  • Produce compelling work as photojournalists and editorial photographers.
  • Begin careers as professional artists.
  • Combine a knowledge of digital media with another field for a variety of interests and functions.

Why Study Photography at Grand Valley?

A dedication to the education of intelligent image-makers that is neither constrained in a vocational training program, nor a narrow studio art emphasis alone, is what makes the photography program at Grand Valley distinct and valued in the state and region.

  • The school has many ties with business, community, and cultural organizations, and has contacts with experts in a variety of areas in communications, which serve as outstanding resources both within the classroom and for internships.
  • The diversity of courses offered allows students the opportunity to explore a variety of photographic methods and applications as they develop their personal expertise and interests.
  • The program prepares students to engage graduate studies in fine art programs.
  • Faculty in photography have a broad range of professional experience and a dedication to teaching.


“I really liked the photography program because it was so personal. I liked that the professors worked closely with students and knew them by name.”


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