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Applied Linguistics


Applied linguistics is an interdisciplinary field that investigates and offers solutions to language-related problems in the world. The discipline relies on the theories and findings of linguistics, together with the experiences and needs of language users, to engage real-world issues at such intersections as language and society, language and education, and language and power.


Students earn the minor by completing 21 credits. Required foundation courses (nine credits): ENG 261 - Foundations of Language Study ENG 363 - Applied Linguistics ENG 364 - Sociolinguistics

Choose three English course electives (nine credits): ENG 362 - History of English ENG 365 - Teaching ESL ENG 366 - English Grammar and Usage ENG 390 - Special Topics in Language ENG 392 - Language and Power ENG 461 - Language and Gender ENG 465 - L2 Reading and Writing ENG 467 - Language Disorders and English Literacy ENG 469 - ESL Teaching Practicum

One elective must be taken from crossdepartmental electives. For complete list, go to

Career Options

Applied Linguistics will prepare you to work in a wide variety of fields, including: 

  • Language teaching and assessment
  • Editing and publishing
  • Computer science
  • Nonprofit/NGO services
  • Foreign services
  • Adult literacy
  • Forensic analysis
  • Language policy and planning

Why Study Applied Linguistics at Grand Valley?

  • As a young discipline, applied linguistics continues to play an increasingly prominent role in a range of academic disciplines and professional settings.
  • Since language is involved in virtually all human activity, the scope of applied linguistics is very broad.
  • The applied linguistics minor serves as an excellent disciplinary complement to such fields as African/African American studies, anthropology, classics, communications, information systems, English, education, modern languages, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, and writing.
  • The world-wide demand for English language expertise continues to grow at unprecedented rates, so the market for English language specialists is expanding rapidly.

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